Mon 13th Jun, 2011, Parking Proposals from York Council

As residents will know the council has recently sent out a letter containing three options regarding parking controls on Badger Hill.

Residents should vote according to their preferences, but the council has agreed to accept late returns (after the 17th June full meeting) and a letter summarising the views and preferences of Badger Hill residents as expressed at the meeting.

Thu 11th Aug, 2011, Restricted Parking Measures

Following the CYC′s recent parking survey of Badger Hill residents it has been decided to introduce a limited scheme to cover the Field Lane slip road, Low Mill Close and Deramore Drive down to the junction of Yarburgh Way. The remainder of the estate and shops will continue to be monitored by the Council with further extensions across Badger Hill introduced as and when warranted. Three BHRCG Committee members attended the Council meeting and expressed concerns about the partial coverage of the scheme, but did persuade the Council to extend waiting restrictions to 8am–6pm (from 10am–2.00pm). The scheme will be introduced before the new academic year begins. We will keep residents informed of further developments.

Mon 7th Nov, 2011, Article 4 Direction for York was confirmed

At a meeting of the CYC Cabinet on 1st November the Article 4 Direction for York was confirmed. Four members of the BHRCG Committee and our two Councillors attended to support the full implementation. This means that from 20th April 2012 new HMO conversions in York (and therefore Badger Hill) will require planning permission.

Fri 12th Apr, 2013, Heslington Church Men's Group

Heslington Church Men’s Group Sincere thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the 2012–13 programme. Please note that the position of chairman is now vacant and anyone wishing to put their name forward to run Men’s Group from 2013–14 (meetings re–commence in October) should contact John Nixon (413797) and the Church Office (412300).

Fri 12th Apr, 2013, Thank you

THANK YOU Our thanks to everyone who helped, provided or came and enjoyed our "all day cafe" on 15th March. Despite the weather our Village Meeting Room welcomed customers into its special ambience and we made over £500! Thank you all. Heslington Church

Fri 12th Apr, 2013, Heslington Church Youth Group

Heslington Church Youth Group Join us for an evening of fun and games every fortnight at Heslington Church. It is free and is open to anyone aged 11–18. Further information from David (

Sat 13th Apr, 2013, Proposed Field Lane/University Road alterations

The rescheduled meeting regarding the proposed Field Lane/University Road alterations occurred on 10th April. BHRCG protestations about Badger Hill residents being excluded from the CYC leaflet delivery were rejected by CYC planners. Well over 100 residents attended and overwhelmingly rejected both CYC options on offer. We await the reaction of CYC to residents′ rejections.

Sat 1st Mar, 2014, Tell us YOUR local News

1/3/2014 – Are you aware of a new local issue? Let us know (via the Contact Us option) and we′ll publish it on this page.

Thu 10th Apr, 2014, Resurfacing work in Crossways

Badger Hill residents will be pleased to note that the entire length of ′Crossways′ will be re–surfaced this year. BHRCG recently made representations to the CYC Cabinet Member for Environmental Affairs regarding the condition of this road and we appreciate the prompt response.

Mon 5th Oct, 2015, Heslington Church Volunteer Gardeners

We aim to meet on Mondays and Wednesdays each week 2.00–4.00 pm subject to weather conditions to keep the churchyard tidy (grass strimming) and to plant/cultivate flowered areas. For further details regarding volunteering please contact the Church Office (, 01904–412300).